The combat zone's three subterritories Alps, Wetlands and Egypt trace their origins to a much older adventure park, the Classic Gun, a western stile country club with limited potential for real danger.



Classic Gun & Co. 
1998, pencil and digital drawing, 20 x 30cm 

Advertisment for the old country club.

The Knife
1997, ink, 30 x 20cm

One of few surviving 'towers' from the times of the first adventure park, the Classic Gun & Co.

Greetings from A.W.E. City
2000, pencil and digital drawing

Overlooking the central square and the trainstation from a safe distance, are two media and hotel towers broadcasting any attempt on escape from the war zone.


Train station on the center square of A.W.E. 
2000, pencil and digital drawing, 30 x 40cm 


As are all trainstations in the PARK and as indeed are the rolling stock and the tracks themselfs, A.W.E. main station is sovereign territory of the railroad zone. It is also the only possible exit from the war zones.

Victoria Bar
2000, pencil and digital drawing, 50 x 70 cm

The bar is small and famous for its excellent service. It occupies the center of an immense staircase, welcoming whoever just made it alive out of the war zone. 

Terrible Twin Towers
1998, ink and digital drawing, 30 x 40cm