Unless he takes the train, the traveler truly enters the PARK the moment he sets his foot down on the right bank of the river Syl, in the territory of the CORRID'OR. Wedged between the two grand zones, this is the busiest and most diverse of all seven zones. 



The horsehoe-shaped motel lies in the middle of a sprawling park half ranch, half golf club. Arrows indicate the routes and rules of access to all twenty-five rooms: red for arrivals from the Sugar Desert, blue for those from the Sentimental Kingdom. 

Aurant No 2. 
1999, digital drawing

Aurant No 1
1999, digital photo collage, 10 x 15cm


Wells of Good and Evil 
2002, Oil on mdf, 2003, 40 x 100cm 

Open oil pits in the lower CORRID'OR with roaming ponies. Sometimes a string from the curious breeds of the White Stud Farms venture as far from their turf, as the Wells of Good and Evil. They chase each other over the slopes of the open pits and every so often one slips and falls into the boiling muck.


Circus Exitus travels through all of the zones expect the Sugar Desert. Winter quarters are near the coastal town of Mouth, where in spring the shows premier.




Known as Sugar Pea in the time of the rule of the Hostesses, the promontory on the river Syl became subject of a land swap involving both grand zones. In this map, Fuck Town is part of the transition zone. 

The Fuck Hotel 
1998, color pencil, 40 x 50

Der Reigen
2005, silkscreen, 70 x 100cm

1999, digital photo collage, 11,2 x 20cm



Early morning near Pea Station.
2003, oil on MDF, 40 x 100cm