Identity Court

Far away from the borders of the PARK, the court considers cases of wrong identity. It frequently sends convicts to the battlezones of the PARK where they make up the bulk of fighters.

Identity Court
2008, graphite, 140 x 150cm

ID Court. Morning sun
2005, silkscreen, double-panel, 70 x 200cm, 13ex.

Identity Court. Top- and sideview
2007, pencil and digital drawing, 70 x 100cm


Identity Court. Main Hall and Shaft
2008, pastels, 70 x 100cm 



Identity Court. Cross Section
2008, ink and watercolor, 70 x 100cm 

Identity Court
2008, Color pencil, 50 x 70cm (detail) 

Identity Court. Detail of a Gate
2007, ink and color pencils, 70 x 100cm 

Gridwork. (Detail)
2007, pencil and color pencil, 70 x 100cm

Identity Court. Ruin
2007, ballpoint and color pencil, 20 x 30cm

Identity Court. 
2007, watercolor, 22 x 32cm