The reconciliation zone is the smallest of the inner zones of the PARK. It also has the smallest number of attractions, the main beeing hard labor. Off the coast lies ROCK which over the years changed hands and appearances repeatedly and was at one point or another a satellite of almost all of the other park zones. 

Bricklayer Day
2006, ink and digital drawing, 30 x 40cm

Bricklayer Day is a festive occasion in the Delta, commemorating the end of a mythical figure in the history of this zone. The evergrowing brick structure of The Thing is built around the very palce of her murder.












Postcard, Galerie Hubert Bächler, Zürich, 2002

Karamata Tower
2002, color pencil, 70 x 220cm


Sleepy Waters 
2000, ink and watercolors, 40 x 60cm


1996, ink, 20 x 30cm