the preliminary zone, is a heart-shaped, partly artifical mountain with Souvenir City spreading out on its leveled peak. Visitors spend a limited time here - four to twelve months - before proceeding into the inner zones of the PARK. 



Parallel Bridges with Heartland
2003, oil on MDF, 40 x 100cm


Heartland Hill, topographical map
2007, color pencil, 30 x 40cm

2001, Park guide, pages 24/25, Vice Versa Verlag, Berlin


Baby Prince Bar 
1998, oil pencil and watercolor, 1999, 30 x 30cm

Collection of Dry Fountains & Sugar Desert Vase Depository
1999, Photo, 10 x 12cm




Peter Ultra Brag Pavillion, watercolor, 1999



Trio Infernal
1999, watercolor, 25 x 40cm

Towers of Defiance 
1997, silkscreen, 90 x 63,5, 60 ex.