is the name of a railroad that connects all the zones of the PARK. With its eight train stations and the corresponding infrastructure, it constitutes a zone in itself. 

The RUNNING RUDOLPH has no regular timetable, it runs according to a set of arbitrary rules: the cast of a dice thrown by a station master, a nusery rhyme recited by the conductor, the steps of a signalman dancing on the tracks. The train may reverse directions on any stop, run through stations and disconnect from waggons at whim. 

Trips can be very short or very long. If the coal for the engines runs out, travelers are locked in their compartments until new supplies arrive, unlike water and food which will be rationed but never restocked before the train reaches the predestinated station.

Hec, Sitting in a Waiting Room at Pea Station
2003, oil on MDF, 40 x 100cm

Ponto Oscuro
2013, inc and pastels, 20 x 30cm